New short-stay unit building at Péronne Hospital

The project's aim was to improve the emergencies management and to develop the medical activity next to the existing technical platform and the new maternity building.

Respect the city's history, its wounds of the past and strong hopes of the present, use the brick as a sign of an architecture rooted to its region and make the most of contemporary materials and knowledge for a successful societal and environmental integration have allowed to develop a global project that binds and energizes the whole institution without fracture between the old fabric and its extension.

The emphasis on humanization of the spaces has created a user-friendly building enhanced by visible and simple paths, which reassure and guide even before treatment, and rational corridors optimized by lightness and transparency of the glass walls, enabling natural light capture.

Taking advantage of the ground slope, the building allow a view over the city to rooms located on floors, maintaining contact between the patient private area and the familiar public space. An open architecture, simple and rich in detail, which develops high environmental quality supporting quality of patients and caregivers daily living.

The project responds to low-energy consumption building environmental concerns by creating a double skin consisting of metal strips on the south façade, by reinforced external thermal insulation and use of low-polluting materials.


Péronne Hospital


Delivered in 2014


Net area 5 227 m²


9,5 M€ HT


Emergency Mobil Service unit,
CBRN, Logistic department,
Hospitalization services


Public project contracting,
Signage, HEQ, Coordination


Architect : Behrend Centdegrés Architectures
Engineering, Economy : Artelia Bâtiment & Industrie
Coordination : SCO Paris
Fire safety : Casic

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