New Emergency Mobil Service building at Rouen Hospital

The construction project of a building that combines the activities of the Regional Emergency Unit and the Rouen city Emergency Mobil Service is an emblematic operation which consists in :

• positionioning these units closer to the other services to simplify links, in particular the Emergency Mobil Service unit in the immediate vicinity,

• bringing together entities spread over the territory to share workforce needs, especially on night shifts,

• providing staff a structure with surfaces and features adapted to the evolution of the activity in terms of capacity and technicality,

• giving to the "emergencies" entrance and to the whole hospital site a new image from the Gambetta boulevard.

We wanted a both solid and soft construction, refined, blending into the landscape but also modern, respectful of the past and open onto the city. The architectural image reflects the ambition of a technical project while maintaining a warm human scale.

The aim is to offer the hospital a functional building, in particular from the flow management point of view, and to reflect a contemporary image.


Rouen University Hospital


2017 competition


Net area 3 300 m²


4,5 M€


Architect : Behrend Centdegrés Architectures
Engineering : Egis bâtiments Centre Ouest
Economy : Économie 80

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