Extension and restructuring of the existing building

Located in a large wooded park, Simone Veil Hospital consists of heterogeneous buildings built over the latest technical solutions and new needs. The project was to create a general restructuring through a dynamic link between the old buildings and the new one, giving an overall and homogeneous view of the hospital.

Using the ground slope while respecting the environment, the extension was inserted in a stretched bow, underlined by a concrete curve housing, on ground floor, the emergency department with its independent access.

As an extension to the park, the emergency unit's roof terrace forms a mineral and vegetal esplanade open onto the new hospital entrance; three one floor volumes, with curved and white roofs, houses medical consultations.

Those wings are supported on the extension of the building, homogeneous and square volume which houses the hospitalization services on two levels and a hall constituting the central articulation.

2013 Val d'Oise department durable construction award (public building category)


Simone Veil Hospital


New building 2011, restructuring 2013


Gross area 13 543 m² new, 4 180 m² renovation


48 M€ HT




Public project contracting,
Building equipments analysis,
Diagnostic, Signage, Fire safety


Architect : Behrend Centdegrés Architectures
Structural engineering : Ibat
Fluid engineering : SNC Lavalin
Economy : Cabinet Andriot
Roads and networks : CL Infra

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