Extension and renovation of the vascular and digestive surgery department building

The driver for this project, carried out on an occupied site, was to adapt an innovative technological program to an old building while giving it a real functionality and a contemporary image.

Necessary functional surfaces were obtained by the thickening of connecting parts between the building volumes, essentially on the rear facade, preserving the main facade and the integration of the building into its surroundings.

Spaces have thus been created between each volum, allowing natural light to flow in, humanizing spaces and enriching the building functions.

The building is listed as an historic monument


Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital


Delivered in 2008


Net area 2 500 m² new, 8 500 m² renovated


18,6 M€ HT


Intensive care unit,
Continuing care unit,
Technical facilities,
Vascular and digestive surgery,
7 operating rooms,
18 consultation rooms,
90 hospital beds


Public project contracting,


Architect : Behrend Centdegrés Architectures
Engineering : Sfica
Economy : Tohier
Coordination : Eciac

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