Behrend Architecture, created in 1985, who have become Behrend Centdegrés Architectures in 2013, is an architectural firm based in Paris, today headed by two associated architects, Sarah Caragiale and Nathalie Dubouilh.

The agency relies on a permanent and experienced team to design and carry out projects throughout the metropolitan area, mainly in the healthcare sector. It addresses each and every project with the same attention, whether it is to build new facilities or to renovate existing ones.

Our ambition : provide a generous and innovative vision to healthcare architecture

Behrend Centdegrés Architectures has developed for more than 30 years, through numerous public facilities' projects in healthcare sector (hospitals, nursing homes, disabled care homes, institutes for motor skills development, follow-up and rehabilitation units, etc.), an architectural approach that helps changing our societies' perceptions on the elderly and the ones suffering from illness or disability.

Our engagement : an architecture serving the medical plan

The agency cares to develop an architecture "by" and "for" the medical plan in cooperation with all teams, and to obtain, beyond the optimum functionality and durability of spaces and materials, an architecture that welcomes, protects and soothes, an architecture that enables each one to feel special, valued and respected.

Conviviality, light, fluidity, plasticity and sustainability are the studio design strengths ; they command a contemporary, sustainable and evolving architecture, focused on patient's, resident's, visitor's and caregiver's background. An architecture concerned to adapt to the constant evolution of the medical plan and its social habitus.

Our expertise : experience and renewal

Behrend Architecture, who have become Behrend Centdegrés Architectures in 2013 after partnering with the creative agency Centdegrés, bringing together graphic design, design and innovative technologies, is a loyal and strong team of approximately a dozen employees of different generations and various talents.

That combination of creativity, skills and team's cohesion provides a careful listening of the client in each stage of the project, from design to completion.

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Sarah Caragiale, associated architect

Nathalie Dubouilh, associated architect

Perrine Declerck, architect

Anouk Jourdren, architect

Richard Phan Hoang, architect

Bruno Labous, designer

Charlotte Schlumberger, graphic design

Isabelle de Saint Germain, partner, communication manager

Christelle Thomassin, partner, accounting manager


Hervé Chneiweiss, INSERM ethics committee president, CNRS Head of research

Hervé Abadi, photographer

Gérard Dufresnes, photographer

Olivier Wogenscky, photographer

Dalhiette Sucheyre, photographer

Jean-Louis Motte, photographer

Luc Boegly, photographer

Benoît Fougeirol, photographer

Frédérique F. Thomas, colourist, visual artist

Véronique Tron, archivist

Illusio, perspectivist

Ilulissä, perspectivist

Platform, perspectivist

Sébastien Hecht, perspectivist (Stolabo)

Olivier Plou, perspectivist

Romain Phan Hoang, perspectivist (PRH imagination)

MenoMenoPiu, illustrator